Iwo To

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Iwo To:

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, officially Iwo To
, volcanic island, c.8 sq mi (21 sq km), W Pacific, largest and most important of the Volcano Islands. Mt. Suribachi, 546 ft (166 m) high, on the south side of the island, is an extinct volcano.
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The arrival and departure into Iwo To each year takes all Carrier Air Wing 5 (CVW-5) aircraft directly over the last known position of USS Bismarck Sea.
After our plane landed on the airport (elevation 370') and approximately on top of where Hill 382 had been during the battle, the first two things I noticed were indeed the Japanese had renamed the island Iwo To because it was painted prominently on the airport control tower, and we could certainly smell sulfur in the air as so many accounts from 1945 reported.