Izhora Factory

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Izhora Factory


(full name, A.A. Zhdanov Izhora Factory), a USSR enterprise building heavy-duty machines, located in the city of Kolpino, near Leningrad. The plant manufactures heavy-duty excavators, steel-rolling equipment, power-generating equipment, sheet metal, bar iron, and the like.

The Izhora Factory was established in 1722 by ukase of Peter I and was registered to the Admiralty, thus becoming known as the Admiralty Izhora Factory. The plant was a government enterprise. A machine-building works based on the old factory was created in 1803. The first Russian bucket dredges, paddle-wheel steamers, and ship engines were built at the Izhora Factory. The workers of the Izhora Factory took an active part in the revolutionary movement. On the night of Oct. 24–25 (Nov. 6–7), 1917, the Izhora Factory placed 17 armored cars at the disposal of the Military Revolutionary Committee. In 1919 battalions of Izhora workers selflessly defended Petrograd from the attack of Iudenich.

During the prewar five-year plans (1929–40) the Izhora Factory produced the first Soviet blooming mills, manufactured crankshaft and disk-cam presses for automobile and tractor plants, and geared up for the production of large forgings. During the Great Patriotic War (1941–45) the Izhora workers fought heroically in the ranks of the Soviet Army against the fascists at the approaches to Leningrad. The Izhora Factory’s production included tank hulls, armored cars, ammunition, and armored turrets for reinforced-concrete pillboxes.

After the war, new metallurgical shops were built at the Izhora Factory, machine-assembly shops were rebuilt and expanded, highly efficient automated rolling mills were manufactured, the production of power-generating equipment began, and more than 100 types of new, technologically improved machines and products were created. In 1970 the plant’s output was more than 50 percent greater than in 1965. The Izhora Factory has been awarded two Orders of Lenin (1940 and 1971) and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1947).


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The factory, which would occupy a 10-hectare site next to the Philip Morris Izhora factory in the Lomonosov district, will be launched in the year 2000 or in the year 2001.