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(ĭzmēt`) or


(kō'jäĕl`ē), city (1990 pop. 254,768), capital of Kocaeli prov., NW Turkey, on the Bay of Izmit, at the eastern end of the Sea of Marmara. A port, it is the center of a rich tobacco- and olive-growing region. Manufactures include paper, petrochemicals, textiles, beer, and cement. Founded c.712 B.C., it was rebuilt in 264 B.C. by Nicomedus I of Bithynia, who made it his capital, NicomediaNicomedia
, ancient city, NW Asia Minor, near the Bosporus, in present-day Turkey. Refounded (264 B.C.) by Nicomedes I of Bithynia to replace Astacus as his capital, it flourished for centuries. The Goths sacked the city in A.D. 258.
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. It was shattered by an earthquake in 1999.



(Izmid, Kocaeli), a city and port in northwestern Turkey, on the bank of the Gulf of İzmit in the Sea of Marmara; administrative center of Kocaeli Vilayet. Population, 123,000 (1970). A railroad and highway from Ankara to Istanbul run through the city, İzmit produces cellulose and paper, chemicals, tires, and piping. Food is processed in the city. It has an assembly plant and an oil refinery; there are large oil reserves in the area. Lead and zinc are concentrated nearby. Turkey’s major naval base is situated in Golcuk, a suburb of İzmit.


a town in NW Turkey, on the Gulf of Izmit. Pop.: 306 000 (2005 est.)
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Refineries annually process 11 million tons of oil in Izmir and Izmit, 5 million tons of oil in Kirikkale and 1.
The retrofit activity at Izmit is being performed by Rotork's well established agent in Turkey, Omas Teknik Pazarlama Temsilcilik.
DP World Yarimca is the first infrastructure project in Izmit Bay to be run by an international operator, and the first in the country to use remote controlled gantry cranes with automated gate operations featuring a vehicle appointment system for faster processing.
Bridge will connect the northeastern and southeastern coast of the Izmit Bay, significantly reducing regional travel time.
Once complete, Izmit Bay Bridge will stretch 2,700m, and its six lanes will be able to accommodate more than 5,000 vehicles per day.
He described Izmit as a "launch pad" for the fighters to get neared to the conflict zones in Syria and Iraq.
International Resource News-April 29, 2014--Aggreko receives contracts to provide supplementary power to Izmit Bay Bridge
2 million radial tires a year in the new plant, supplementing its existing factory in the country which manufactures tires for cars, trucks and buses in Izmit, Kocaeli.
The new i10's production starts at Hyundai Assan's Izmit plant in September.
4 Izmit quake broke part of the North Anatolian fault, killing more than 17,000 people.
Recently, Pirelli established Formula One sports tyres manufacturing unit in Izmit in Turkey.
They are manufactured at Pirelli's state of the art motorsport facility in Izmit, just outside the Turkish capital of Istanbul.