a city (until 1965, the village of IzobiPnoe) and administrative center of Izobi’nyi Raion, Stavropol’ Krai, RSFSR. It has a railroad station (Izobil’naia) 65 km northwest of the city of Stavropol’. Population, 23,000 (1970). A machinery and repair plant, a cannery, a creamery, a sugar refinery, a factory producing reinforced-concrete items, and a meat and poultry combine are located there.

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Electronic auction: acquisition of residential premises within the city of izobilnyi izobilnensky urban district of the stavropol territory for the provision of orphans and children left without parental care, to persons from among orphans and children left without parental care to ensure the state needs of the stavropol territory
Address : The Russian Federation, 356140, Stavropol Territory, Izobilnensky district, Izobilnyi g, Lenin, 15 / - / - - / -