Izvestiia Tsk RKP b

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Izvestiia Tsk RKP(b)


(News of the Central Committee of the RCP [Bolshevik]), a journal intended “to deal regularly with the basic questions of the current work of the Central Committee, its directives concerning the major questions of party work, and materials concerning the work of local organizations” (Izvestiia TsK VKPfbJ, 1929, no. 28, p. 1). In accordance with the resolution of the Eighth Congress of the party, the journal began publication on May 28, 1919, in Moscow. (Numbers 1–20 [1920] were published as a supplement to the newspaper Pravda.)

Izvestiia published the resolutions, circulars, and notices of the Central Committee, monthly accounts of the work of its leading bodies, reports concerning the activity of the departments of the Central Committee, and various articles and reviews concerning questions of party construction. During its first years publication of the journal was not strictly regular. Eleven issues were published in 1919,15 in 1920, ten in 1921,12 in 1922, and ten in 1923. It became a weekly in 1924, systematically treating questions of intraparty life, devoting attention to new forms and methods of party work, informing its readers of the activity of both the central bodies and local organizations of the party, and aiding the dissemination of the positive experience and the elimination of shortcomings in the activity of party organizations. New sections were introduced: “References,” “Bibliography,” and “News Items.”

In 1926 it was renamed Izvestiia TsK VKPfbJ (News of the Central Committee of the ACP [B]), which was published every ten days from 1928. The tasks of further improving party work made necessary deeper study and generalization of the accumulated experience of party construction. In October 1929 the Central Committee of the party reorganized the journal as Par-tiinoe stroitel’stvo (Party Construction).


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