John Desmond Clark

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Clark, John Desmond


Born Apr. 10, 1916, in London. British archaeologist and Africanist; specialist in the archaeology and ancient history of southern Africa.

Clark graduated from Cambridge University in 1937. From 1938 to 1961 he was director of the Livingstone Museum, now the National Museum of Zambia, in the city of Livingstone. Since 1961 he has been a professor of anthropology at the University of California in Berkeley. He has been conducting field research in southern, eastern, and equatorial Africa since 1938. His work is noted for the profound and thorough analysis of the archaeological materials.


The Stone Age Cultures of Northern Rhodesia. Claremont, 1950. (The South African Archaeological Society.)
The Prehistoric Cultures of the Horn of Africa. Cambridge, 1954.
Atlas of African Prehistory. London, 1967.
The Prehistory of Africa. London, 1970.
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J. Desmond Clark of the University of California, Berkeley disagrees.
The recent meeting presentation is "a most convincing analysis," comments J. Desmond Clark of the University of California, Berkeley, although it's possible that Neandertals blew single notes through carnivore-chewed holes in the bone.
"There certainly appear to be African affinities at the two Israeli sites," says J. Desmond Clark of the University of California, Berkeley.