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Rickettsia clones J69, J70, and J73 represent 13 similar clones in the phylogenetic analysis.
Before the works come to a close, there will be the following overnight road closures on the commuter route: | From now until the end of the month, j67 to j69 will be closed from 8pm to 6am | From February 29, the A1 will be closed overnight between j67 and j73 | From March 7 until Easter weekend, the northbound carriageway will be closed between j67 and j69, and on the southbound carriageway between j69 and j68 | And from Easter, there will also be closures between j67 and j69.
Sensitivity of Ground-Based Remote Sensing Estimates of Wheat Chlorophyll Content to Variation in Soil Reflectance.Soil Sci Society Am J73: 1715-1723 Feng, W., X.