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see jelly and jamjelly and jam,
gelatinous, sweet food prepared by preserving fresh fruits. Since most fresh fruits contain about 80% water and from 10% to 15% sugar, they are subject to fermentation. They may be preserved by adding sugar and reducing the water content.
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John and Martin. An interpreted FORTH-like graphics language by John Warnock and Martin Newell, Xerox PARC, 1978. JaM was the forerunner of both Interpress and PostScript. It is mentioned in PostScript Language reference Manual, Adobe Systems, A-W 1985.


A condition on a network where two nodes transmitting simultaneously detect the collision and continue to transmit for a certain time (4 to 6 bytes on Ethernet) to ensure that the collision has been detected by all nodes involved.


(JYACC Application Manager) An application development system for client/server environments from Prolifics, New York (www.jyacc.com), a JYACC company. It supports Windows, Mac and Motif clients and most Unix servers and VMS. It supports over 20 databases and includes its own database (JDB) for prototyping. JAM/CASE allows CASE information to be moved into JAM. JAM/TPi integrates JAM with the Tuxedo and Encina TP monitors.
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Other supermarkets reveal that jam doesn't sell well in London, Yorkshire or Lancashire.
Def Jam Interactive, an division of Def Jam Enterprises, is a preeminent force in the digital industry, providing an authentic hip hop experience through gameplay, cultural nuances, strategic partnerships, music, talent and executive direction.
Sabrina Gabriele author of Una is the JAM Language author of all jam.
It's appropriate considering the first rule of Jam Session - like Halloween - is to come dressed like somebody else.
We've got one of our bands performing all over the city on a two-day festival of the street, arriving, unloading, performing and then leaving for the next location,' said Jamie McDiamid, manager of the Jewellery Quarter's Jam House.
NEW YORK CITY--Unbeknown to many dance enthusiasts, an impressive roster of tap dancers can be seen at weekly jams in two New York City nightclubs.
Simmons' Def Jam has demonstrated a clear ability to maintain its leadership position as the premier rap label in the music business--a plus in the eyes of the investment community.
The Long Beach Jam will begin play this fall, with 18 home games at the Pyramid and 18 road games at the other seven ABA franchises.
Ladle hot jam into hot, sterilized half-pint jars, leaving 1/4-inch headspace.
Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS), in partnership with Def Jam Interactive, announced today that DEF JAM: ICON[TM] will be released for the PLAYSTATION[R]3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360[TM] video game and entertainment system in March 2007 in North America and Europe.
The first officially licensed hip hop fighting videogame for the Sony PSP system , Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover features over 40 of the hottest names in hip hop including Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes.
Featuring special dunks and defensive moves, multiple high-action levels, bonus power-ups and rounds, and many other surprises, the Space Jam video game will provide all the nonstop fun of the film and more.