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JATO (jet-assisted takeoff)

A system of small rocket engines providing auxiliary thrust on takeoff. The rockets are jettisoned in a safe area after use. Also called RATO (rocket-assisted takeoff).
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Nas avaliacoes cada ponta hidraulica foi instalada a 0,50 m do feixe de laser e movimentada 45[degrees] para a direita, de modo que as gotas aspergidas interceptassem transversalmente o laser, possibilitando a amostragem de toda a faixa do jato aspergido pela ponta de pulverizacao.
(2006) compararam dois modelos de turbulencia de duas equacoes k-[epsilon]e [kappa]-[omega] para um jato retangular com razao 2:1, os resultados mostraram que o modelo k-[epsilon] teve sucesso na descricao das principais caracteristicas do escoamento, incluindo a vena contracta e taxa de decaimento da velocidade.
However, Jato pointed out that while lower-priced small cars are winning market share from the larger more expensive segments, buyers who are prepared to downsize are still looking for well-specified, fashionable products.
Instead, argues JATO, growth is likely to continue and a permanent move away from more traditional five-door hatchbacks may be seen.
``We have begun to see an erosion of the fivedoor hatchback's share of C segment volumes rather than just growth for the midiMPV,'' said managing director of Jato's automotive division Tony Hayes.
Thousands of business users were left frantically searching for a new provider of high-speed Internet access recently, when Jato Communications suddenly went out of business.
Microsoft Corp and Jato Communications Corp, a US provider of DSL-based Internet access, have signed an agreement whereby Jato will deploy hosted applications for small and medium sized companies on Microsoft's platforms.
Eleven of the 27 markets analysed by Jato Dynamics posted falls including Germany - the key barometer of the European auto industry - where the diesel crisis hit overall results.
The channel's action violates both international standards of freedom of expression and the Egyptian Constitution, claimed the independent Journalists Against Torture Observatory (JATO), as well as the Labour Law.
De acordo com Mateos (1998) e Prado & Colombo (2010), as caracteristicas dos aspersores que afetam a uniformidade de aplicacao de agua sao: o modelo, o numero e tamanho de bocais, a pressao de servico e o angulo do jato de agua do aspersor; alem desses, fatores como a altura de instalacao dos aspersores, o espacamento e o tipo de arranjo dos aspersores no campo podem afetar a distribuicao de agua do equipamento.
Bynx Europe, a business solutions provider to the vehicle fleet and leasing industry, has teamed up with vehicle data specialists Jato Dynamics and the two firms will share their expertise to benefit customers across the world.