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However, the mask layer is a bi-level image, containing many characters, i.e., recurring symbols, for which JBIG or JBIG2 obtain better performances, as mentioned above.
With many different players now thrown into the mix, the JBIG sought to establish some rules of engagement by directing that the lead Service's organization, procedures, processes, and systems be used to operate the joint base.
NET SatisFAXtion Provides Superior Document Compression with JBIG
These applications require support for video coders, speech coders, telephony middleware, JBIG standards (Joint Bi-Level Image Experts Group), MP3, software modem- and other DSP-intensive tasks in addition to supporting a real-time operating system, and system and network management tasks which are better served by a RISC processor.
Table 1 is the comparison with two major international standards for data compression; Lempel-Ziv ("compress" command of Unix) and JBIG (Joint Bilevel Image coding experts Group), both are available on LSI chips.
The Ai1515F also includes a built-in 33.6 kbps, Super G3 laser fax with JBIG compression.
Features of the models include an 8ppm print engine, fast three second scanning capability and JBIG compression of memory and data transmission.
For example, both the context-based bi-level image compression methods [Langdon and Rissanen 1981] upon which the JBIG standard is based and the Dynamic Markov Compression method of Cormack and Horspool [1987] rely for their success upon the use of binary arithmetic coding.
The Nefax 791 offers the fastest recommended communication speed available, SuperG3 with JBIG compression, offering up to 33.6-kilobytes-per-second communication speed.
* Descriptions of different methods of compressing graphics data (e.g., run-length encoding, LZW, CCITT, JPEG, JBIG, ART, fractal)