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(civil engineering)
A steel or wood beam providing direct support for a floor.
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One of a series of parallel timber beams used to support floor and ceiling loads, and supported in turn by larger beams, girders, or bearing walls; the widest dimension is placed in the vertical plane.

ceiling joist

Any joist which carries a ceiling; one of several small beams to which the ceiling of a room is attached. They are mortised into the sides of the main beams or suspended from them by strap hangers.

floor joist

Any joist or series of joists which supports a floor.

solid-web joist

A conventional joist with a solid web formed by a plate or rolled section, as opposed to an open-web joist.

trimming joist

A joist supporting one end of a header at the edge of an opening in a floor or roof frame, parallel to the other common joists.
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joists in a flooring system
One of a series of parallel beams of timber, reinforced concrete, or steel used to support floor and ceiling loads, and supported in turn by larger beams, girders, or bearing walls; the widest dimension is vertically oriented. Also see binding joist, boarding joist, bridging joist, ceiling joist, common joist, floor joist, principal joist, sleeper joist.
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The acquired firm has 43 employees, will operate as Vulcraft-Omega and will become part of Nucor's eleven other joist and deck production facilities.
Simply supported models are from (A1) to (A6) specimens, and fixed-ended joists models are presented in (B1) to (B6) specimens.
If you need to connect new walls to old existing walls or attach soffits to old floor joists, make sure you have some self-tapping construction screws on hand before you start.
Its present state is down to a combination of some bricks being able to cantilever from the party wall and the ceiling joists not yet taking all of the load, but eventually gravity will win.
“Many of our customers are excited that we have developed a high-performance and cost-effective solution for fastening Trex Elevations and other steel and aluminum joist systems,” said Larry Crossley, vice-president of sales at Starborn.
The joist and joist girder system supports the solar panels while limiting the required number of supports and the overall steel tonnage required, as well as minimizing the number of columns required to maintain an open space below.
It is very rare for the boards to meet naturally on a joist. Normally, a board has to be cut so it finishes in the middle of the joist.
If your joist's span is more than two meters long you will need to fit a centre strut to support the weight.
The 10 panels in the first set were 4.88 m long and fabricated from 241-mm-deep AJS-20 joists spaced at 385 mm on center.
You need to fix the rose to the joists in four places, with the screws an equal distance apart so the rose's weight is evenly distributed.
Allen Canning Co.'s new facility recently won an honorable mention in the Steel Joist Institute's 2009 Design Awards.