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Manrique WG, Claudiano GS, Petrillo TR, Castro MP, Figueiredo MAP, Belo MAA, Moraes JRE, Moraes FR.
As already specified in implementation section that it is implemented in JADE, hence, the MSTAS can be integrated with all those platforms that supports JRE and provides APIs for integration.
We can run the application on any PC with JRE and MATLAB installed.
The Social Responsibility team comprising of JRE teachers and students will be training the project leader along with the interested students.
And JRE will likely maintain its conservative financial policy, which has strengthened its financial position even during this current economic downturn," Moody's said.
A new Update 17 version for JRE and JDK closes some major risks, including "arbitrary code execution," according to US-CERT.
4, Web Start has been included with the default installation of the JRE.
Schoonhoven L, Haakboom JRE, Bousema MT, Algra A,Grobbee DE, Grypdonck MH, Buskens E.
0 ESRI License Manager JRE Visual Studio 2003 ArcGIS 9.
The Java Runtime Environment or JRE is the software required to run any application deployed on the Java platform End-users commonly use a JRE in software packages and plug-ins.
The JRE is the runtime component of Sun's Java Development Kit.
A JRE operating near the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea recovered five sets of remains believed to be those of U.