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Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd., contractor of the JRMP II, earlier expressed its concerns on the need for sand and aggregates.
JRMP II includes the construction of three dams including a 109-meter high dam, a 38-meter after bay dam across the Jalaur River, and a catch dam in Alibunan River.
In the country, however, Drilon lamented that irrigation projects would take decades to be fully implemented, citing the construction of the JRMP II, which took 58 years before its second phase is funded, and the Halog Dam in Ilocos Norte, which was stalled for 30 years.
'The contract signing for one of the biggest agricultural undertakings will bring us closer to our goal of improving agricultural production and stimulating agri-industrial activities,' said Drilon, noting that the JRMP II will enhance agricultural productivity and prevent shortages of agricultural products, particularly rice, in the future.
For his part, Daewoo Manila branch manager Se Won Park said the company is committed to "deliver the project with the best quality in time." The JRMP is the second project funded by the Korea Eximbank, after the PASA small reservoir irrigation project.
The contract-signing for the JRMP II is expected to happen on Monday, September 3, 2018 at the National Irrigation Office in Quezon City.
With the JRMP II, Drilon said he is confident that agricultural production in the region will improve.
Drilon, in stressing the impact of the agriculture sector to the economy, said the construction of JRMP II could very well help in improving agricultural production in Western Visayas and in the country, in general.
It was first implemented by NIA in 1960s after the fourth Congress passed Republic Act 2651, which provides for the construction of the JRMP in Iloilo.
The JRMP involves the construction of dam and irrigation facilities, including a high dam and reservoir with afterbay and catch dams in Iloilo and its neighboring towns.