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The JSC summoned Justice Ojwang to appear before it but the judge opted for an allowed path in the law of appointing a counsel to represent him.
* JSC 'Safonovsky plant 'Hydrometpribor', Smolensk Region
The lobby argues that the manner in which the commission handled the complaint was bias as there was reluctance on the part of the commission to establish the truth."Our client finds the commission's response not truthful and very protective of the judges as the complaint was not considered in its totality," Mr Khalifa says in a protest letter to JSC through Oruenjo, Kibet and Khalid Advocates.
The leaders among issuers in terms of trading volume are PJSCB "Turkiston" - 24.22 billion soums, JSC "Qizilqumsement" - 3.05 billion soums and JSCB "Agrobank" - 2.51 billion soums, which is 72.52 percent, 9.12 percent and 7.51 percent of the total stock exchange turnover, respectively.
The union accused the Chief Judge of the state and JSC Chairman, Justice Sulaiman Dikko over the announcement, which claimed that there was no demand of the union that had not been addressed by the commission; and that there was no disagreement between the union and the management.
The JSC and JDC examinations began across the country on Thursday with the participation of 26,70,333 examinees.
Target: JSC Smarts-Ulyanovsk, JSC Smarts-Saransk and JSC Smarts-Penza
The Bank of Russia cancelled the banking licence of SNCI Interraschet JSC based on Article 23 of the Federal Law 'On Banks and Banking Activities' following the decision of the credit institution's authorised body to terminate its activity through liquidation according to Article 61 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the submission of the respective application to the Bank of Russia.
JSC Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation LLC was established in March 2006 by the order of the minister of economic development of Georgia.
"Currently, we define all the conditions for the strategic investor to enter the number of shareholders of the JSC, namely the cost of the proposed share, strategies for action of the German company as a shareholder, including its participation in the modernization of production, personnel training," a spokesman said.
Meantime, Birkdale Black beat Hesketh Colts 8-1, Southport Trinity kept out Birkdale S 5-0, Redgate Rovers overcame Formby Athletic 3-1 and Formby JSC had too much for S&A Amateurs in a 9-0 victory.