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(JavaServer Page) An extension to the Java servlet technology that allows HTML to be combined with Java on the same page. The Java provides the processing, and the HTML provides the layout on the Web page.

Dynamic Web Pages in Java EE
JSPs are the primary method in the Java EE platform for displaying dynamic Web pages. Special tags let Java code be included on the page as well as inserted into HTML statements without invalidating the HTML syntax. It thus lets non-Java programmers maintain HTML pages in their favorite authoring programs without interfering with the Java code on the page. With the use of standard and custom JSP tags, the Java code can be completely hidden (see JSTL and JSP tag).

From JSPs to Java Servlets
At runtime, the application server turns the JSP into a Java servlet (.jsp to .java file) using a JSP converter, which is a part of the servlet container. The servlet is then compiled into bytecode (.class) and run on the server like any other servlet.

The JSP can also call Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) for additional processing. JSPs are the Java counterpart to Microsoft's ASPs (Active Server Pages). See servlet and servlet container.

JSPs Run in the Server
JSPs and servlets are server-side applications that are standard features of the Java EE platform.
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Items {1}, {2} and {3} define three points labelled A, B and C, based on a coordinate system that counts from the top left-hand corner of the JSP screen.
According to co-author Kathy Sierra, a majority of Java developers today are expected to know at least something about building Servlets and JSPs, but the task that used to be simple - to build and deploy Servlets - has become increasingly complex and sophisticated.
In January 1993, Sadao Yamahana, who assumed the chairmanship of the JSP, appointed Hirotaka Akamatsu, then 44, as secretary general.
J2EE Component Wizards: To assist in the creation of J2EE components there is an EJB Wizard (creates and packages bot) Entity BMP and CMP and Session EJBS, build them from scratch or from an existing class or interface), a JSP Wizard (creates the boilerplato code for a JSP), a Servlet Wizard (Generates a skeleton Servlet based on a template and generates boilerplato code for handling various content and request types) and a Java Class Wizard (creates the Java class outline)
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