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Among the travel destinations hit hard by the SARS epidemic, the number of Japanese tourists is forecast to drop more than 20% for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, JTB said.
a premium quality recumbent cycle manufacturer headquartered in Hugo, announced today that the company has been purchased by Dale Hedstrand, President of Focal Point Financial Services of White Bear Lake, and Jim Dugelman, Sales and Marketing Manager of JTB.
More information on JTB and the Sociable(TM) can be found on the company's website: http://www.
A JTB official attributed the expected decline mainly to decreased summer bonuses, which made people reluctant to take trips overseas.
at more than 10 offices of the companies, including JTB Inc.
a petrochemical product manufacturer, said Monday it will sell its head office building in Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward to the JTB group for 15.
JTB, established in April 1912, has 16,000 employees worldwide with 800 retail stores in Japan, 62 international offices and 162 subsidiary companies.
State Street, the largest transition manager in the world, worked closely with the JTB pension fund, utilizing a managed process employing comprehensive pre-trade, trade, and post-trade analysis of the portfolio, and transparent reporting throughout the process.
Citigroup is expected to buy back all of the shares in Diners Club of Japan it sold to the credit card company's current major shareholders -- Fuji Bank and travel agent JTB Inc.
The JTB called on the Royal Wings to offer the Russian market cheaper flights to encourage Russians to visit Jordan, which was welcomed by the airline.
JTB Director General, Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat told Petra that the board provides encouraging incentives to the tourism agencies in Russia and Britain to attract charter flights to Aqaba, adding that positive results had been achieved.