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Things changed when the eminent Gamliel of Jabneh adapted a simple burial style for the relatives of the deceased and, "Then all the people followed his example" and remembered him with affection.
The library of the Brooklyn Jewish Center will be another Academy of Jabneh offering unceasing defiance to Nazi brutishness and witnessing the indestructible life of the human spirit.
Thus, it is reasonable to assume that our texts give us a reasonable indication as to the content of the eighteen benedictions instituted at Jabneh, even if our texts are centuries later.
The Pharisee and Tanna Yohannan Ben Zakkai sought a favor from Emperor Vespasian, who condescendingly let him establish his little school at Jabneh, and there he assembled fellow rabbanim and students into what became the spiritual center of Judaism and its sustaining pillar after both Temple and state were shattered.