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common name for members of a family of long-legged wading birds. The storks are related to the herons and ibises and are found in most of the warmer parts of the world.
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(Jabiru mycleria), a bird of the family Ciconiidae, order Ciconiiformes. The jabiru measures approximately 1.5 m in length; the legs, neck, and beak are long. The plumage is black and white. The jabiru is found from Mexico to Argentina. It lives in wet, swampy places and builds large nests, usually in tall palm trees. The bird feeds on fish, amphibians, and mollusks.


1. a large white tropical American stork, Jabiru mycteria, with a dark naked head and a dark bill
2. a large Australian stork, Xenorhyncus asiaticus, having a white plumage, dark green back and tail, and red legs
3. another name for saddlebill
4. another name for wood ibis
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From the results obtained for MFM (Figure 3C), it is possible to note that the value obtained in plants subjected to the lowest ECw level is within the range recommended for the West Indian cherry cultivar 'BRS 366 Jaburu', since Embrapa Tropical Agroindustry cites that fruits of this cultivar weigh on average 4 to 5 g when ripe.
In general, the beaches could be divided into sandbanks consisting of well-selected medium sand (Jaburu, Comprida, Murici, Marreca, and Goiaba Beaches) and poorly selected medium and coarse sand (Cangucu, Bonita, and Coco Beaches).
Coco Beach, where the mean incubation duration was 54.2 [+ or -] 4.48 days, contained the coarsest sediments in the study area, and Jaburu Beach (mean incubation duration of 68.0 [+ or -] 7.70 days) constituted the sandbanks with the finer sediments.
Nele consta, na prestacao de contas, a venda, em 1866, de uma fazenda no Jaburu para o Sr.