Jack Cope

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Cope, Jack


Born 1913, in the province of Natal, Republic of South Africa. South African writer; writes in English.

Cope was a leader of the South African Association of the Arts. In his novel Beautiful House (1955; Russian translation, 1960), Cope addressed himself to the heroic past of the South African Bantu peoples by depicting the uprising of the Zulus against their Anglo-Boer oppressors at the beginning of the 20th century. His novel Oriole (1958) told the story of the talented Zulu writer Glenville, a participant in the liberation movement, and denounced the country’s ruling clique. In his collection of stories The Tamed Bull (1960; Russian translation, 1963), Cope again turned to social themes.


Road to Ysterberg. London, 1959.
The Rain-maker. London, 1971.


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Despite some close games, the younger team of Joe and Jack Cope and Will Dobinson were too quick and determined for the more experienced Meerkat team.
KAINE MacDonald of Middlesbrough triumphed in the junior boys' event at the Cramlington Two Star tournament sponsored by aalco when he beat another Cleveland player Jack Cope in the final.
SEFTON are also going well in the U14 North West Cup, where a hat-trick from Jack Cope capped an excellent 3-2 win against Leeds.
Tournament referee Eva Lambert is pictured with Under 16 boys competitors Luke Brierley, Mark Cheetham, Edward Crowther, Jack Cope, Will Foote and Nashar Mehrban Picture by Julian Hughes (JH020711Atennis-12)
Other older writers of comparable significance - Herman Charles Bosman, Jack Cope, Elise Muller - and a variety of younger writers who deserve greater attention are also present among the twenty-one names, which include an equal number of English-speaking South Africans, Afrikaners (some of them writing in English), and nonwhites, including one Indian.
Thomas won two of his sets beating Jack Cope, while the star of the Ormesby team, Mark Bonner, won all three of his sets, including a critical match with Cope which was tied at 42-42 before Bonner won the final one point play-off.
It takes place at the St Francis of Assisi Church hall in Rye Piece, Bedworth, on Tuesday, February 24, when the guest speaker will be ex-serviceman Jack Cope.
Jack Cope also came close to a second point for the losing side, losing to Adam Smith 12-10 in the decider.
Results Division One: Northfield A 10 (Corking 3, Jack Cope 3, Joe Cope 3) Ormesby D 0; Nunthorpe A 3 (Williams 2, Fenby 1) Ormesby A 7 (Ashwell 2, Wilkinson 2, Whyman 2); Ormesby C 3 (Muldoon 3) Westbourne A 7 (Leonard 2, Robertson 2, Greason 2).
The final was a close affair between Amy Webster and Jack Cope.
The Stans team of Joe and Jack Cope and Will Dobinson won all their matches against a more experienced Hartlepool side with only Andy Greasons win over Dobinson giving them any comfort.
Junior Boys' Singles: 1 Joe Clark (Northfield), 2 Kaine Macdonald (Ormesby), 3 Callum White (Ormesby), 4 Michael Ashwell (Ormesby), 5 Josh Weatherby (Ormesby), 6 Zach Hutchinson (Bishop Auckland), 7 Will Dobinson (Northfield), 8 Jack Cope (Northfield).