Jack Russell terrier

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Jack Russell terrier,

breed of dog developed in the 19th cent. by an English clergyman, the Rev. John (Parson Jack) Russell, 1795–1883, for hunting. The Jack Russell resembles the fox terrierfox terrier,
breed of long-legged terrier developed over several centuries in England. There are two varieties, the smooth and the wirehaired. The coat of the former is dense, short, and flat, while that of the latter is longer, harsh, and wiry.
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 and, like it, has two varieties, one with a short smooth coat, the other—the Parson Jack Russell terrier—wirehaired. It is a smaller dog than the fox terrier, however, weighing 9 to 18 lb (4 to 8 kg) and standing about 10 to 15 in. (25 to 38 cm) at the shoulder. The color is white with reddish brown, black, or tan markings. The Jack Russell has dark, almond-shaped eyes and V-shaped ears that are carried forward. The terrier is not a recognized American Kennel Club breed and less emphasis has been placed on its conforming to a breed standard than on its abilities as a hunting and companion dog. The breed can become aggressive and destructive if not given the attention and exercise required by a dog bred for hunting.
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