Jacqueline Cochran

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Jacqueline Cochran
BirthplaceMuscogee, Florida
aviator, test pilot, spokesperson, and businessperson

Cochran, Jacqueline

(1910–80) aviator; born in Pensacola, Fla. An orphan, her first career was as an owner of a profitable cosmetics company. Receiving her pilot's license in 1932, she was the first woman to fly in the Bendix transcontinental race three years later. She won the Bendix Trophy in 1938. The first woman to pilot a bomber across the Atlantic in World War II, she directed the Women's Air Force Service Pilots. In 1953 she became the first woman to fly faster than sound; in 1964 she flew faster than twice the speed of sound. At her death she held more flight records than any other pilot.
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These ladies who flew for Jackie Cochran are a part of our history I'll always enjoy.
These include Jackie Cochran and Nancy Love--two women who contributed to the World War II effort by advocating and forming a group of women pilots to help take over "less hazardous" flying duties, freeing men to fly combat missions.
With just six hours under her wings, she wrote to the program director, Jackie Cochran, requesting to serve.