Jackson's Birthday

Jackson's (Andrew) Birthday

March 15
Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), the seventh president of the United States (1829-37), became a national hero during the War of 1812 when he successfully fought the British at New Orleans. Jackson's heroic performance came despite the fact that he was so sick he could barely stand without assistance, and no one knew that a peace treaty had been signed two weeks earlier. His soldiers thought he was as "tough as hickory," resulting in his nickname, "Old Hickory." The anniversary of his birth is a special observance in Tennessee, and the president of the United States usually brings or sends a wreath to be placed on Jackson's grave in the garden at his home, The Hermitage, near Nashville.
Other tributes paid to Jackson during this week include radio speeches and newspaper editorials, school essay contests, and Jackson Day dinners sponsored by the Democratic party, of which he is considered one of the founders. Sometimes these celebrations are held on January 8, Battle of New Orleans Day. In Virginia, Jackson's birthday is celebrated in January along with those of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert E. Lee.
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The video was first uploaded on Jackson's birthday (August 29) on YouTube.
While chatting with guest Kate Hudson about parts she had missed out on, Oliver explained: "I got phoned up by the exec producer and asked 'Did I want to go and cook for Peter Jackson's birthday, the big birthday?
He explained: "I got phoned by the exec producer and asked did I want to go and cook for Peter Jackson's birthday, the big birthday.
This intimate lounge party hosted at iconic Daddy's House Recording Studios on the King of Pop Michael Jackson's birthday is sure to fill the air with good vibes, great music, rich music history and prosperous relationship building that will be a must attend standout event.
Washington, July 27 ( ANI ): Even though boxing champ Floyd "Money" Mayweather is in jail, he paid for a lavish birthday party and gifts for his fiancee Shantel Jackson's birthday in Las Vegas.
Other tributes were taking place around the world to mark the Jackson's birthday.
The announcement comes as hopes faded for a tribute gig for the singer, which promoters had wanted to stage on August 29 - Jackson's birthday.
Tabloids snapped photographs of the duo again shortly after Jackson's birthday, noting that it marked the first time since Jackson and Rowe had been publicly seen together since Jackson was a very young child.
Because it was Michael Jackson's birthday we had to do a cover of a Michael Jackson song so we did a reggae version of ABC and it came out fantastic,'' says Dennis.
AEG is also selling TV rights to a London tribute concert on August 29, Jackson's birthday.
London, July 21 (ANI): It has been claimed that the surviving members of Jackson 5 will orchestrate two memorial shows to mark their late brother and band mate Michael Jackson's birthday next month.
It was strictly a family affair, unlike Jackson's birthday last year when he partied with more than 1, 000 fans at a chaotic concert.

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