Jacob Epstein

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Epstein, (Sir) Jacob

(1880–1959) sculptor; born in New York City. He studied in New York (1896–1902), in Paris (1902–04), and then moved to London (1905), where he lived for the rest of his life. His early religious subjects, such as Genesis (1930), were attacked as both indecent and blasphemous, and his busts of contemporary notables were done in a moderately modernist style. The English generally held him in higher regard than did American critics and he was knighted in 1954.

Epstein, Jacob


Born Nov. 10, 1880, in New York; died Aug. 19, 1959, in London. American sculptor.

Epstein moved to Paris in 1902 and studied there at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and at the Julian Academy. In 1905 he moved to London. Epstein was associated with the symbolist school, particularly in his early period, during which he produced the memorial for O. Wilde (granite, 1912, Pére Lachaise Cemetery, Paris). He produced religious and allegorical compositions, often achieving marked dramatic tension in his figures, as in his Madonna With Child (1952, Convent of the Holy Child Jesus, London). Epstein also executed numerous realistic portraits, which he imbued with vivid emotional characteristics and a sense of the agitation in the subject’s life. Among such works are the portraits of P. Robeson and O. Ross (bronze, 1931, Museum of Modern Art, New York).


Let There Be Sculpture. London, 1940.
An Autobiography. London, 1955.


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This drawing of Jacob Epstein has sold for PS80,000
Another problem is that the context focuses on the German-speaking world (with the Austrian context unfortunately often elided with the German), while the analyses range wider, covering Marinetti, Boccioni, and Jacob Epstein.
That means he's unable to explore the dangerous borderling where pathology abuts the everyday, and whee Jacob Epstein is not only a hypocrite lecteur but every wordhoarder's semblable and frere.
The following year, in 1914, Bomberg and Jacob Epstein created a showcase for themselves and fellow members of the Whitechapel Boys by selecting a 'Jewish Section' of European and British art for the Whitechapel Art Gallery's major exhibition Twentieth Century Art: A Review of Modern Movements.
Kathleen Garman was the lover and later wife of American-born British sculptor Sir Jacob Epstein (1880-1959), and her life-long friend Sally Ryan (1916-68) a talented sculptor.
Nid yn unig felly, llyfr yn disgrifio'r bensaerniaeth sydd yma, ond llyfr yn olrhain y cymeriadau fel Sutherland ac wrth gwrs Jacob Epstein sydd yn gyfrifol am y cerflun o Sant Mihangell a'r Diafol ar wal y gadeirlan newydd.
Eighty years later the work in question, Genesis by Jacob Epstein, looks too innocuous to cause a stir: over five feet high and carved from a block of Seravezza marble, it depicts a naked woman in the final stages of pregnancy.
How gratifying it was, therefore, for Mr Brocklebank to see Tony Brown's portrait of young Price displayed in Lewis's department store, also famed for a sculpture by Jacob Epstein, vulgarly known as "Dicky Lewis".
The bronze bust is a Sir Jacob Epstein creation worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.
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Lady Kathleen Garman, a local resident and wife of the sculptor Jacob Epstein, assembled the collection with the artist Sally Ryan and presented it to the town in 1973.