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Some essays take up repertory by "the usual suspects," including Antoine Busnois, Jacob Obrecht, and Jean Mouton.
The program will draw from the Odhecaton, an anthology of secular songs published in Venice in 1501 by Ottaviano Petrucci, with polyphonic music by Franco-Flemish composers such as Josquin Des Prez, Hayne Van Ghizighem and Jacob Obrecht.
The programme for Tuesday's concert, called A Liturgy of Shadows, goes back even earlier, to the 15th century, with authentic chants and anthems by Johannes de Quadris, Jean Ockeghem, Josquin des Prez, Jacob Obrecht and Pierre de la Rue.
The tendency to single out all-surpassing masters who soar above their commonplace contemporaries has not benefitted the composer Jacob Obrecht, who had the mixed luck of sharing at least part of a lifetime with the celebrated Josquin des Prez.
Wegman, Born for the Muses: the life and Masses of Jacob Obrecht (Oxford, 1994), p.
Jacob Obrecht has found eloquent advocacy for his music in this impressive study of his life and Masses.
whereby Ockeghem is 64 and Jacob Obrecht is 97, these numbers being used symbolically in their laments and therefore (one hopes) establishing beyond any doubt the correct spelling of their names, for `Okeghem' and `Hobrecht' would not work.
1445/46-1506), Antoine Brumel, Jacob Obrecht (1457/58-1505; his widely disseminated Parce Domine), and Johannes Regis (ca.
In this bold and engaging book, adorned with a portrait of the composer, Rob Wegman has created what appears to be a solid and reliable 'life and works' for Jacob Obrecht, the sort of book that was common some 30 years ago.
As a pupil of Josquin Desprez and a prominent exponent of the dense and virtuosic style of choral writing associated with the Flemish school, Antoine Brumel is regularly included with such lowland masters as Jacob Obrecht, Jean Mouton, and Alexander Agricola.
May the day soon come when La Rue's Masses receive close critical and historical scrutiny equivalent to the sensitive treatment Jacob Obrecht has recently enjoyed.
Working in collaboration with the Dominican friar Petrus Castellanus, who acted as editor and compiler, Petrucci produced a volume entitled Harmonice Musices Odhecaton A, which contained ninety-six polyphonic works (mostly chansons) by a variety of popular composers, including Alexander Agricola, Antoine Busnoys, and Jacob Obrecht.