Jacob van Ruysdael

Ruysdael, Jacob van:

see Ruisdael, Jacob vanRuisdael or Ruysdael, Jacob van
, c.1628–1682, Dutch painter and etcher, the most celebrated of the Dutch landscape painters.
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This sensibility can be seen reflected in, for instance, the landscape paintings by Jacob van Ruysdael. Calvin's caution towards religious images should be seen in the context of his time, in which sacred images, relics and spaces were prone to feed superstitious minds that ascribed miraculous powers to these entities.
DULWICH PICTURE GALLERY Landscape with Windmills near Haarlem by John Constable (1776-1837), 1831, after Jacob van Ruysdael (c.
On show was The Jewish Cemetery (1654-55) by Jacob van Ruysdael, Pieter Breughel the Elder's Peasant Wedding (c.