Jacquard Weave

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Jacquard Weave


large-figured weave, a type of weave used for reproducing patterns on a fabric. The repeating motif involves a large number of threads both for the warp and for the weft. These weaves are produced on looms with Jacquard machines. The contours of the patterns are plotted by the textile designer on drafting paper from a model and are then filled in with the graphic elements of the various weaves (the raiser). The finished pattern indicates where the cards that control the Jacquard machine are to be notched, or punched. The warp repeats of certain Jacquard weaves can consist of several hundred threads. In some patterns the repeat occupies the entire width of the fabric. The weft repeat is unlimited, and in certain instances reaches several thousand threads.

Simple Jacquard weaves, formed from one warp and one weft, are used in certain cotton, silk, and woolen fabrics for dresses, lining fabrics, damasks, tablecloths, and napkins. Complex Jacquard weaves form the pattern on the fabric from several systems of warp and weft threads. A distinction is made between filling-backed, double, and pile weaves. Complex Jacquard weaves are used for fabrics for dresses, suits, overcoats, upholstery, and other decorative fabrics.

Various lighting effects on the fabric surface are achieved through the use of this weave. Combined with the various colors and kinds of threads, the Jacquard weave provides attractive and soft gradations of tones and starkly outlined contours of patterns that at times are very complex (designs, landscapes, portraits).


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Palazzo II includes a wide range of heavyweight textured wallcoverings and heavy damask and jacquard weave fabrics ideal for anyone wishing to reflect the sumptuous interiors of Italian homes.
Similarly, the new Kyoto design, a jacquard weave of synthetic vinyl strands, took inspiration from a traditional Japanese kimono pattern.
And when creating the Joseph Abboud basic bedding line, United Feather & Down ascribed to this practice by using luxurious materials such as German sand-washed silk and elements translated from Abboud's apparel line, such as paisley patterns and a diamond jacquard weave.
Examples of jacquard weave are brocade, damask and matelesse.
Lichtenberg will highlight Alexis, a foam-backed geometric dobby weave, and Briana, a dobby jacquard weave, also foam-backed.
Highland Paisley is one of Cameo's highlights, displaying a traditional jacquard weave in three colorways: teal/black, deep blue/black and beige/black.
The collection offers trendy 2014 occasion dresses, where bright prints and asymmetrical elements are all the rage, and 2014 wedding dresses, including popular styles like beaded & embroidered dresses, V-necks, romantic lace, short variations, elegant falbala, distinctive jacquard weaves and minimalist styles.
Graber LightWeaves Solar Shades, in eight styles and with 40 fabric options (including jacquard weaves in bamboo, leaf and geometric patterns), will help reduce glare and block UV rays from interiors while allowing for clear visibility from inside.
Nancy Webster, vice president creative development at Springs, said not only embroidery but also jacquard weaves provide a dimensional texture color story.
Custom made fabrics include long, floaty, cotton/linen cut voiles which can be layered with heavier chenille and jacquard weaves or colour block prints.
But there is more to the fish: Beach towel vendors are not just offering fiber-reactive prints; they are carrying them them in jacquard weaves, single or double.