Jacques-Auguste de Thou

Thou, Jacques-Auguste de


(Thuanus). Born Oct. 8, 1553, in Paris; died there May 7, 1617. French state figure and historian.

A lawyer by education, Thou became president of one of the chambers in the Paris Parliament. An influential councillor of state to Henri IV, he helped prepare the Edict of Nantes (1598). In 1593 he was appointed director of the royal library. Thou’s chief work was History of His Own Time, written in Latin, which reflects political events in Europe, including the Russian state, from 1543 to 1607. Thou made use of official documents, diplomats’ reports, and the memoirs of military and political figures, especially for the history of France.


Histoire universelle, vols. 1–16. London, 1734.


Vainshtein, O. L. Zapadnoevropeiskaia srednevekovaia istoriografiia. Moscow-Leningrad, 1964. Pages 397–401.
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The colouring of this copy, described as extraordinarily rich and accurate, may have been commissioned by the French historian and statesman Jacques-Auguste De Thou whose coat-of-arms is on the 1587 binding.
Thierry compares d'Aubigne's work to that of other historians of his time, most notably of Monluc, a Catholic capitain, and of Jacques-Auguste de Thou, a moderate Catholic and a key member of the group of political moderates known as the Politiques.
Thuanus: The Making of Jacques-Auguste de Thou (1553-1617).
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