Lake Turkana

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Turkana, Lake,

c.2,500 sq mi (6,475 sq km), NW Kenya and SW Ethiopia, E Africa, in the Great Rift Valley; alt. 1,230 ft (375 m). Surrounded by desolate, volcanic mountains, the 170-mi-long (274-km) alkaline lake is the focus of interior drainage and has no outlet; it is becoming increasingly saline. The Omo River, in Ethiopia, supplies most of the lake's water; development of the river for hydropower and irrigation has reduced inflow. Fishing and tourism are important to local economy. Nearby is Kanapoi, an archaeological site with 4.1-million-year-old australopithecine fossils. It was formerly known as Lake Rudolf.
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Lake Turkana, also known as the Jade Sea, in Kenya's arid northwestern border with Ethiopia has turned into a battleground between conservationists and energy providers.
The womb like cave under the sheer Stack Rocks to Broadhaven offers a mysterious haven from the cold jade sea.
And on many other occasions during the holiday: basking on a broad strip of silver sand backed by a lush forest of trees, gazing from a sheer cliff down into a crystalline jade sea, or wandering through a surreal cave system with fantastic natural sculptures, I was aware that humble pie was my dish of the day.