(yägyĕ`lō) or


(yägĕ`lō), dynasty that ruled PolandPoland,
Pol. Polska, officially Republic of Poland, republic (2015 est. pop. 38,265,000), 120,725 sq mi (312,677 sq km), central Europe. It borders on Germany in the west, on the Baltic Sea and the Kaliningrad region of Russia in the north, on Lithuania, Belarus, and
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 and LithuaniaLithuania
, Lithuanian Lietuva, officially Republic of Lithuania, republic (2015 est. pop. 2,932,000), 25,174 sq mi (65,201 sq km), N central Europe. Lithuania borders on the Baltic Sea in the west, Latvia in the north, Belarus in the east and southeast, Poland in the
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 from 1386 to 1572, Hungary from 1440 to 1444 and again from 1490 to 1526, and Bohemia from 1471 to 1526. It took its name from Ladislaus Jagiello, grand duke of Lithuania, who became (1386) king of Poland as Ladislaus IILadislaus II
or Ladislaus Jagiello
, 1350?–1434, king of Poland (1386–1434), grand duke of Lithuania (1378–1401), founder of the Jagiello dynasty.
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 when he married Queen JadwigaJadwiga
, 1374–99, Polish queen (1384–99), daughter of Louis I of Hungary and Poland. To satisfy Polish demands for autonomy at Louis's death, she reigned in Poland and her sister reigned in Hungary.
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. His successors were Ladislaus IIILadislaus III,
1424–44, king of Poland (1434–44) and, as Uladislaus I, king of Hungary (1440–44), son of Ladislaus II. He led two crusades against the Ottomans; the first (1443) was highly successful, but the second ended with his defeat and death in the battle
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 (1434–44; as Uladislaus I also king of Hungary); Casimir IVCasimir IV,
1427–92, king of Poland (1447–92). He became (1440) ruler of Lithuania and in 1447 succeeded his brother Ladislaus III as king of Poland. He united the two nations more closely by placing them on an equal footing.
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 (1447–92); John I (1492–1501); Alexander I (1501–5); Sigismund ISigismund I,
1467–1548, king of Poland (1506–48), son of Casimir IV. Elected to succeed his brother, Alexander I, Sigismund faced the problem of consolidating his domestic power in order successfully to counter external threats to Poland.
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 (1506–48); and Sigismund IISigismund II
or Sigismund Augustus,
1520–72, king of Poland (1548–72). Crowned in 1530 to assure his succession, he assumed the royal functions at the death of his father, Sigismund I.
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 (1548–72), last ruler of the line. A son of Casimir IV became king of Bohemia (1471) as Ladislaus II and king of Hungary (1490) as Uladislaus IIUladislaus II
, Hung. Ulászló II, c.1456–1516, king of Hungary (1490–1516) and, as Ladislaus II, king of Bohemia (1471–1516); son of Casimir IV of Poland.
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; his son was Louis IILouis II,
1506–26, king of Hungary and Bohemia (1516–26), son and successor of Uladislaus II. He was the last of the Jagiello dynasty in the two kingdoms. In the face of intensified attacks by Sultan Sulayman I, Louis hastily sought (1526) to unite Hungary and
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 of Bohemia and Hungary (1516–26). The female line of Jagiello merged with the Swedish house of Vasa through the marriage of Catherine, sister of Sigismund II, with John III of Sweden; their son was king of Sweden and of Poland (see Sigismund IIISigismund III,
1566–1632, king of Poland (1587–1632) and Sweden (1592–99). The son of John III of Sweden and Catherine, sister of Sigismund II of Poland, he united the Vasa and Jagiello dynasties.
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). Under Jagiello rule Poland reached its golden age.
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(also Jagello; Lithuanian, Jogaila). Born circa 1350; died June 1, 1434. Grand duke of Lithuania, except for a brief period, from 1377 to 1392. As Władyslaw II Jagiello, king of Poland from 1386. Founder of the Jagiellonian dynasty.

Jagiełło, a son of Algirdas, carried on a struggle in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania with his uncle Kestutis that ended in 1382 with the latter’s imprisonment and murder; Jagiello was aided in the struggle by the Teutonic Order. His marriage with the Polish queen Jadwiga resulted in the union of Poland and Lithuania under the Krewo Union of 1385. In 1392 opposition to the union on the part of the Lithuanian feudal lords forced Jagiello to surrender power in Lithuania to Vytautas (Polish, Witold). Jagiello proved himself a gifted organizer and military commander in the preparations for the Great War of 1409–11 against the Teutonic Order and in the battle of Tannenberg of 1410, where he commanded the combined Polish-Lithuanian-Russian army.

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