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Jamaica Bay,

c.20 sq mi (50 sq km), SW Long Island, SE N.Y., separated from the Atlantic Ocean by Rockaway Peninsula; the Rockaway Inlet links it to the sea. The shallow bay has many islands, and its shores are generally marshy. There is a minimum of water movement, and pollution is a problem. Nearly all of the bay is in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens in New York City; since 1950 much of the adjacent area has been reclaimed for housing. John F. Kennedy International Airport extends into the bay. Part of Gateway National Recreation Area, the bay is used for boating and fishing and is a wildlife refuge.
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The two ends of the V passed over Plumfield and Jamaica Bay, respectively, and the Prince directed his course a little to the east of the Narrows, soared over Upper Bay, and came to rest over Jersey City in a position that dominated lower New York.
1962 American Airlines 707 plunges nose first into Jamaica Bay, New York, killing 87 passengers.
Schumer today announced that he secured nearly $730 million in federal funding for the construction of Sandy-related Army Corps projects, including vital storm protection projects in Long Islands Fire Island to Montauk Point plan (FIMP), the Rockaway and Jamaica Bay Reformulation and Staten Islands South Shore Sea Wall.
Other city projects he mentioned by name included the Hudson River Park--linking Battery Park City to 59th Street on the city's West Side with a continuous belt of green space --which he wants to be completed by year's end as well as a new state park set to occupy 407 acres along Jamaica Bay in Brooklyn, making it the largest park within the five boroughs.
If you don't mind traveling a bit, then visit the Jamaica Bay on Ruffle Bar Island or the Cedar Point County Park on Long Island, which lies over two hours from NYC.
Prospects for Resilience: Insights From New York City's Jamaica Bay
It's also right next to a body of water called Jamaica Bay (see Airport Ecosystem, page 13).
And yet: Floyd Bennett, the city's first municipal airport, has Several things to recommend it, starting with the fact that it's in the middle of Jamaica Bay.
Hybrid approaches to protect New York's Jamaica Bay
The luxurious Jamaica Bay caught the attention of passers-by as she arrived at the Pier Head on Monday before leaving yesterday.
NYC/Long Island: One of the best places to see wintering waterfowl in New York is Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.
In the extreme case of total suitable habitat coverage, oysters in Jamaica Bay could extract a total of ~61% of nitrogen input, and 47% if 5,000 acres were covered; whereas impressive, the oysters could not be sold for food and the cost of such a plan would be prohibitive.

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