James Bay Project

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James Bay Project,

a colossal hydroelectric development of the rivers emptying into the E James Bay, central Quebec, Canada. La Grande Phase I, finished in 1985, created the world's largest underground powerhouse, a tiered spillway on La Grande River three times the height of Niagara FallsNiagara Falls,
in the Niagara River, W N.Y. and S Ont., Canada; one of the most famous spectacles in North America. The falls are on the international line between the cities of Niagara Falls, N.Y., and Niagara Falls, Ont.
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, and five reservoirs that total half the volume of Lake Ontario. La Grande Phase II, involving the redirection of flow from the Eastmain, Laforge, and Caniapiscau rivers into La Grande, was largely completed when further work was suspended in 1994. For much of its history up to that point the project had evoked a tremendous response from environmentalists and the CreeCree,
Native North Americans whose language belongs to the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). They formerly inhabited the area S of Hudson Bay and James Bay in what is now Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba S of the
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, who claimed that the project was destroying the region and disrupting the lives of the native population as rivers were diverted, forests incinerated, and wilderness areas inundated. The Great Whale Project, involving the diversion of the Little Whale and Nastapoca rivers into the Great Whale River, and the NBR Project, involving the diversion of the Rupert and Nottaway rivers into the Broadback River basin, were also suspended; no construction on either had begun. In 2002 an agreement with the Cree cleared the way for completion of La Grande Phase II and the diversion of the upper Rupert River into the La Grande (via the Eastmain and other diverted rivers). The NBR Project was canceled.
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The assets comprise Mt Cattlin in Western Australia, Sal De Vida project in Argentina and James Bay Project in Canada.
The James Bay project, a longer term development project which presents a future opportunity to supply the North American market; and
Galaxy is earning a maximum 70% project equity in the James Bay project through an earn-in agreement that includes delivery of a feasibility study by early 2013.
Galaxy Resources is earning a maximum 70% project equity in the James Bay Project through an earn-in agreement that includes delivery of a feasibility study by early 2013.
A key development was the James Bay project, and the consequent James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (La Convention de la Baie James et du Nord Quebecois), which for Qumaq and the people of Puvirnituq, Ivujivik, and Salluit was a betrayal, symbolizing a loss of autonomy.
Robert Bourassa had announced the James Bay Project and Billy was taking the government to court.
As I write this review front-page headlines ('Crees Revive Hydo Project', Alex Roslin, The Gazette, Montreal, January 21st 2001) serve to remind us that this debate is not just of academic interest; the need to revisit the issues and reevaluate perspectives and processes involved in the James Bay Project is as pressing as the arrival of a book of this sort is timely.
For example, Quebec Hydro's James Bay Project diverted three rivers into La Grande Riviere.
The James Bay project, which has hewn dozens of dams into a region rich with glacial rivers, already generates about as much power as five Three Mile Island stations.
For a compelling account of the controversy read Sean McCutcheon's Electric Rivers: The Story of the James Bay Project (Black Rose Books, c/o Paul & Company, 360 W.
In the long contest over the fate of Quebec's James Bay Project, Governor Mario Cuomo's abrupt decision to cancel New York's $12.
The Parti Quebecois adopted the James Bay project as its own, and Rene Levesque inaugurated the dams on La Grande.