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Coleman, James (Samuel)

(1926–  ) sociologist, educator; born in Bedford, Ind. A Columbia University Ph.D., he taught at Johns Hopkins and the University of Chicago (1973). His landmark "Coleman Report," Equality of Educational Opportunity (1966), spurred school desegregation and higher federal funding. His many works on adolescence and youth include High School Achievement (1982).
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James Coleman, general manager of Jackson Electric Cooperative, appreciates the timeliness of their membership, thankful that the organization cutover to CRCs services prior to recent hurricane activity.
A stylish crooks speaks the sign language for James Coleman.
Even though we prevailed in this matter, we consider Venezuela our partner and look forward to satisfaction of the settlement agreement and advancing the development of the gold copper silver Siembra Minera project [aka Brisas Cristinas]," said James Coleman, chairman, Gold Reserve.
Lead partner James Coleman commented, "We are honoured to have been involved in establishing the Goldilocks fund for Abu Dhabi Financial Group.
WHEN I STARTED GRADUATE SCHOOL at the University of Chicago in 1979,1 knew James Coleman by reputation only.
Det Sgt James Coleman said: "We are urging the public not to be tempted to take these tablets or any other type of illegal drug.
Detective Sergeant James Coleman said: "It is not only illegal to buy and sell drugs but can also be very dangerous, and potentially fatal.
James Coleman, 19, was locked up for two years in December after scrawling the vile comments while Kenyan-born Erick's family were still absorbing the news of his death.
James Coleman 18, left Nazi, Ku Klux Klan and swastika graffiti on the day Erick Maina, 15 - originally from Nairobi, Kenya - died.
Jerry Houlihan and James Coleman of Houlihan-Parnes Realtors, LLC have arranged the sale of mixed use property located at the southeast corner of White Plains Road and East 229th Street with an address of 4062-4072 White Plains Road, A/K/A 690 East 229th Street in the Wakefield neighborhood of the Bronx, NY.
Groomsmen were Brett Chapin Moore, brother of the groom, James Edward Baxter Kruger, brother of the bride, Brantley David Chamblee, William Andrew Duncan, James Coleman Howard, Trevor Allen Langston, Michael Andrew Morgan, and William Donald Stout