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Crow, Jim

See Rice, Thomas Dartmouth.
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jim crow

[′jim ′krō]
(design engineering)
A device with a heavy buttress screw thread used for bending rails by hand.
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Jim Crow

Negro stereotype popularized by 19th-century minstrel shows. [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 138]
See: Bigotry
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"It is one of the major examples of re-fortification using artillery," says James Crow.
James Crow remembers as an archaeology student in the 1970s catching a bus heading west out of Istanbul, hopping off in the middle of nowhere to do a quick wall search - and promptly being arrested.
`I knew about the Long Walls when I was a student in the 1970s, but it was difficult to get near them' james Crow explained.
According to James Crow, senior lecturer in Roman archaeology at Newcastle University, native names were often adopted for forts.
James Crow says: "Since the end of Roman rule, the population at Housesteads is unlikely to have ever exceeded 20 to 30 persons.
It was Dr James Crow from Edinburgh who helped Elijah Pepper, founder of the Labrot and Graham distillery, to produce one of America's most- respected tipples, the Woodford Reserve - equivalent of a good malt whisky.
For James Crow, one of the factors which makes Housesteads special is that it was one of the first forts in the Roman Empire to be fully excavated at the end of the 19th Century.