jim crow

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Crow, Jim

See Rice, Thomas Dartmouth.

jim crow

[′jim ′krō]
(design engineering)
A device with a heavy buttress screw thread used for bending rails by hand.

Jim Crow

Negro stereotype popularized by 19th-century minstrel shows. [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 138]
See: Bigotry
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Morgan Darlington (86-20-66) won a junior medal on a countback from James Crowe (80-14-66) with Michael Evans (71-4-67) third and Dave Talbot, Harold Hughes, Vinny Simpson and Fred Court scored 171 points to win a seniors' yellow ball comp.
Reds fan James Crowe, 26, of Mossley Hill, said: "It looks like a stocking filler for every Reds fan.
Touchdowns from flanker Peter Jenkins, scrum-half Nicky Flay and prop Lyndon Morris got the scoring underway in the first-half before skipper Colin Roberts, prop Darren Johnson and wing James Crowe went over after the break.
As a letter from James Crowe, CEO of Level 3, to Neil Smit, president of Comcast Cable, makes clear,11 Comcast is well aware of the facts of the situation.
Mike Healey (40) won a management comp from Lewis Rhys Morgan and Neil Owen, both on 36, and Nathan Phoenix (75-7-68) won a junior medal from Michael Evans (75-5-70) and James Crowe (8-1-71).
We will miss his advice and counsel," said James Crowe, chief executive officer of Level 3.
Level 3 employees are our company's greatest advantage, and Tony Fogel's proven success in business and as a leader of global human resources will be integral to our company's continued success," said James Crowe, chief executive officer of Level 3.
Keynote Addresses from Industry Luminaries--including James Crowe, President and CEO of Level 3 Communications; Chris Knight, Managing Editor of ISP-Lists; Doug Humphrey, President and CEO of SkyCache; Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon; Guy Cook, VP of Internet Services, Qwest; Paul McKay, President of NetCentric Corp.
The goal of competition is not competition for its own sake," asserts James Crowe, UI's Executive Vice President, "but the achievement of economically efficient markets for bulk power supplies.