Farley, James Aloysius

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Farley, James Aloysius

(ăl'əwĭsh`əs), 1888–1976, American political leader, U.S. Postmaster General (1933–40), b. Rockland co., N.Y. He rose steadily in Democratic party politics in New York state and became (1930) chairman of the New York state Democratic committee. In 1932 he successfully pushed the presidential nomination of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Made chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Farley managed (1932) the presidential campaign with great success. He became U.S. Postmaster General and in 1936 directed Roosevelt's second presidential campaign, which resulted in another overwhelming Democratic victory. Opposed to Roosevelt's third-term candidacy, he was an unsuccessful Democratic presidential aspirant in 1940 and resigned (1940) his cabinet post and his national party chairmanship. He remained powerful in New York state politics until 1944, when he resigned as chairman of the state Democratic committee.


See his autobiographical Behind the Ballots (1938) and Jim Farley's Story (1948).

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Other high profile Ford executives are Stephen Butler, former CEO of KPMG; James Farley, former Toyota Group vice president (Lexus); Irvine Hockaday, former CEO of Hallmark Cards Inc.
It's fair to say that Notts County are a big loser for us," was the verdict of Coral's James Farley, who was echoing the views of the industry.
It was organised by James Farley, David Milne and Mark Dingwall, who all list Rangers among their interests on their Facebook pages.
Anthony James Farley, 19, from Bettws, near Newport, who died on Sunday after ploughing down a snow-covered hill on a sheet and hitting a car was named by police.
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The crew, comprising Phil Gray, James Farley, Danny Graham, Bobby Cree, Will Mace, Kieran Clark, Lee Fisher, Chris Black and cox Larissa Matley finished as the fifth fastest crew of the day, satisfyingly beating local rivals Tyne and York City.