James Henry Breasted

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Breasted, James Henry


Born Aug. 27, 1865, in Rockford; died Dec. 2, 1935, in New York. American Egyptologist.

In 1919, Breasted became the first director of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. He carried out archaeological investigations in Egypt and Nubia and published a complete codex of ancient Egyptian historical documents in English translation (Ancient Records of Egypt, vols. 1-5, Chicago, 1906-07). Breasted’s views on history were of an idealistic and modernistic nature. He regarded ancient Egypt as a feudal state, and he ignored the class struggle.


In Russian translation:
Istoriia Egipta s drevneishikh vremen do persidskogo zavoevaniia, vols. 1-2. Moscow, 1915.
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Reprint of a 1943 biography of American historian and orientalist, James Henry Breasted (1865-1935), the first American to receive a PhD in Egyptology, the first to teach the subject at the U.
Amelie Kuhrt of University College, London is the winner of the James Henry Breasted Prize for 1998.
He characterizes our English as an "unmusikalische Sprache," and mockingly reports on the naive political views of the visiting son of James Henry Breasted, a lad whom he calls "Jimmy Breakfast." A German nationalist, he drops occasional anti-Semitic comments, yet he does not seem to have been a convinced Nazi.
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