James Hogg

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Hogg, James,

1770–1835, Scottish poet, called the Ettrick Shepherd. Sir Walter Scott established Hogg's literary reputation by including some of his poems in Border Minstrelsy. Hogg's verse, notable for its earthy vigor, includes The Mountain Bard (1807) and The Queen's Wake (1813). He also wrote several prose works, including recollections of Scott (1834).


See his memoirs, Confessions of a Fanatic (1824); study by L. Simpson (1962).

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Rosa rugosa 'Alba', white saltspray rose (SB Parsons 1888b; Thurber 1875) AA1878 (from James Hogg via G.
James Hogg, Scott's contemporary, who represented an alternative, non-elite cultural perspective, parodied the masculine stereotype of the Highland soldier in his writing, revealing the exploitation of working-class young men, who died in the name of the British Empire.
James Hogg is well qualified to begin the volume with "Life in an English Charterhouse in the Fifteenth Century: Discipline and Daily Affairs," his research based on the Chartae of the Carthusian General Chapter.
The works of James Macpherson, Robert Burns, James Hogg, and Walter Scott surely held independent merits of their own, but the facts of their position, their location in a place and a time at which the European gaze was fixed firmly in their direction, was plainly very much to their benefit.
Alceste Damian Lewis John Dominic Rowan Jennifer Keira Knightley Covington Tim McMullan Ellen Tara Fitzgerald Alexander Nicholas Le Prevost Julian Chuk Iwuji Marcia Kelly Price Messenger, Simon James Hogg
This volume is an in-depth exploration of the Carthusian Miscellany (British Library MS Additional 37049), a fifteenth-century English manuscript of texts and drawings known to medieval scholars mainly through its facsimile produced by James Hogg in 1981.
Mack, a highly distinguished textual scholar of James Hogg, provides an illuminating account of the 'Ettrick Shepherd's' subaltern status and is particularly interesting on his relationship with John Wilson, where Hogg writes in such a way as slyly to subvert Wilson's inauthentic rendition of common country life.
Munro refers twice to Wuthering Heights, to Emily Bronte, who loved James Hogg and who in her famous novel explored the dark side of human nature, a child abandoned and hurt, a developing sadism and narcissism, a possessive sexuality, loneliness, and death, with a commentary from a primitive Presbyterian minister and the memoir of a hired girl.
After his daughter, Christine, got the race underway with many of the 14-strong field wearing black armbands, pacemakers Marc Elliott and James Hogg set off at a blistering pace, going through the first 440 yards in 59 seconds.
James Hogg (1770-1835), one of Scotland's greatest 19th-century writers, is celebrated here.
En cierto modo es un anticipo independiente de la magna obra cuya publicacion ha comenzado ya a editarse: el Monasticon Cartusiense que, bajo la direccion de los doctores James Hogg y Gerarhd Schlegel, ira saliendo a la luz en cuatro volumenes.
THE death of Hull remand prisoner James Hogg after an illicit booze session;