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James IV,

1473–1513, king of Scotland (1488–1513), son and successor of James III. He was an able and popular king, and his reign was one of stability and progress for Scotland. After suppressing an insurrection of discontented nobles early in his reign, he set about restoring order, improving administrative and judicial procedure in the kingdom, and encouraging manufacturing and shipbuilding. A conflict with Henry VII of England over James's support of Perkin WarbeckWarbeck, Perkin,
1474?–1499, pretender to the English throne, b. Tournai. He lived in Flanders and later in Portugal and arrived in Ireland in the employ of a silk merchant in 1491.
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, pretender to the English throne, ended with the conclusion of a seven-year truce in 1497. In 1503, James married Henry's daughter, Margaret TudorMargaret Tudor,
1489–1541, queen consort of James IV of Scotland; daughter of Henry VII of England and sister of Henry VIII. Her marriage (1503) to James was accompanied by a treaty of "perpetual peace" between Scotland and England, a peace that was ended when James
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. This marriage was to bring the Stuart line to the English throne in 1603. When Henry VIII ascended (1509) the English throne, relations between Scotland and England deteriorated. In 1512, Louis XII of France, already at war with England, urged and secured a renewal of his alliance with the Scottish king. In 1513, James, against the counsel of his advisers, invaded England, where at the battle of FloddenFlodden,
field, Northumberland, N England, just across the border from Coldstream, Scotland. It was the scene of the battle of Flodden Field (1513), in which the English under Thomas Howard, 2d duke of Norfolk, defeated the Scots under James IV, who was killed.
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 he was killed and the Scottish aristocracy was almost annihilated.


See biography by R. L. Mackie (1958, repr. 1964).

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James IV

1473--1513, king of Scotland (1488--1513), son of James III; he invaded England (1496) in support of Perkin Warbeck; he was killed at Flodden
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Fatal rivalry; Flodden 1513; Henry VIII, James IV and the battle for Renaissance Britain.
The death of James IV in 1513 at the Battle of Flodden, however, was a blow from which the country never fully recovered.
One of the most famous surviving examples of flyting dates back to a 16th-century piece, where two rival poets throw highly obscene rhyming insults at one another before the Court of King James IV.
Although Scotland lacked a printing press until relatively late, the period itself saw a major literary flowering under the Renaissance king James IV, with the poetry of poets such as Robert Henryson, William Dunbar and Gavin Douglas among its greatest achievements.
James IV of Scotland (1473-1513): His marriage to Henry VII's daughter led to unification of the English and Scottish crowns.
4) Richard III (although James IV of Scotland died in the battle of FIodden).
Following his own call, Cavanagh brings together several dramas not always grouped with one another, namely Bale's King Johan, Sackville's and Norton's Gorboduc, Greene's Scottish History of James IV, and Shakespeare's King John, Richard II, and Henry V.
to the death of James IV in 1513, this "long survey" (7) is structured around the reigns of the Stuart kings.
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The cops in Oswego, N.Y., no doubt got a few grins out of slamming Jesse Clyde James IV in the clink for robbery, but the famous bandit's 18-year-old namesake wasn't smiling for the booking camera.
Finally, King James IV became interested in the game and had the laws revoked.