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Irwin, James


Born Mar. 17, 1930, in Pittsburgh, Pa. US pilot and astronaut; Air Force colonel.

Irwin graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1951 with the degree of bachelor of naval science. In 1957 he received the master of science degree in aeronautics, astronautics, and instrument engineering from the University of Michigan. He served in various units of the United States Air Force. In 1961 he graduated from the Air Force Experimental Flight Test Pilot School and in 1963 from the Air Force Aerospace Research Pilot School. In 1966, Irwin joined the group of astronauts of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). From July 26 to Aug. 7, 1971, together with D. Scott and A. Worden, he completed a flight to the moon as pilot of the lunar module of the Apollo 15 spacecraft. The lunar module carrying Irwin and Scott landed on the moon in the vicinity of Hadley Rille and the Appenine Mountains (eastern edge of the Mare Imbrium) on July 31, 1971. Irwin spent 66 hours, 55 minutes on the moon, including three excursions onto its surface lasting a total of 18 hours, 37 minutes. On the moon, Irwin and Scott used a lunar vehicle to travel about in.

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Al Worden orbited the Moon while commander David Scott and lunar module pilot James Irwin descended to the Moon's surface.
Astronaut James Irwin, lunar module pilot, gives a military salute while standing beside the U.S.
During Apollo 15, which launched to the moon in 1971, astronauts David Scott and James Irwin - Al Worden stayed in the command module in orbit around the moon - used the (https://images.nasa.gov/details-7022567.html) first lunar roving vehicle to bring rock and soil samples back to the lunar module Falcon.
--"light you up"--light you up is what some men say to women; it is said routinely when police threaten with pepper-spray; it is what has been said on bombing sorties; it is said before something, or someone, is set afire and burnt: Sam Hose (on April 23,1899 in Coweta, Georgia), Jesse Washington (on May 15,1916 in Waco, Texas), McKinley Curry, Johnny Cornish and Mose Jones (May 4,1922 in Kirven, Texas), or James Irwin (on February 2,1930 in Ocilla, Georgia).
The victim, named locally as James Irwin, is believed to have died at around 2pm on Sunday.
Steele Crossing Investment I, led by Leonard Boen, was the majority owner with 50 percent of the property; CMB Properties, led by Robin Ballard Ziperski, owned 25 percent; RFI, led by James Irwin, owned 15 percent; and Davis-Steele Crossing, led by John Davis, owned the remaining 10 percent.
"We are making the moral case that these companies are profiting off the destruction of the planet and we, as citizens, and public institutions should not benefit or profit from that destruction," said James Irwin, a senior associate at The Mayors Innovation Project, a University of Wisconsin think tank and adviser to the divestment effort.
In 1971, Apollo 15 crew members David Scott and James Irwin became the first astronauts to use a lunar rover on the surface of the moon.
Edgar Mitchell Moon Walk: February 5, 1971 Divorced, with six children, he is a firm believer in UFOs and claims US officials have dissected bodies of aliens but conspire to hush it all up David Scott Moon Walk: July 31, 1971 A married father of two, now aged 80, he became a TV and film consultant James Irwin Moon Walk: July 31, 1971 Became a preacher and tried to find Noah's Ark.
(PW100911Kwdg-01) Mr A J Irwin - Miss A V Secker Miss Abigail Victoria Secker and Mr Andrew James Irwin were married at All Saints Church, Netherthong.
Colonel James Irwin took part in the Apollo XV Moon Mission.