James Island

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James Island:

see CharlestonCharleston.
1 City (1990 pop. 20,398), seat of Coles co., E Ill.; inc. 1835. Charleston is an industrial, rail, and trade center located in an agricultural area; shoes are also made. Eastern Illinois Univ. is there. A Lincoln-Douglas debate was held in Charleston on Sept.
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, S.C.
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The whole Group Volcanic -- Numbers of Craters -- Leafless Bushes Colony at Charles Island -- James Island -- Salt-lake in Crater -- Natural History of the Group -- Ornithology, curious Finches -- Reptiles -- Great Tortoises, habits of -- Marine Lizard, feeds on Sea-weed -- Terrestrial Lizard, burrowing habits, herbivorous -- Importance of Reptiles in the Archipelago -- Fish, Shells, Insects -- Botany -- American Type of Organization -- Differences in the Species or Races on different Islands -- Tameness of the Birds -- Fear of Man, an acquired Instinct.
At James Island, there is a rat sufficiently distinct from the common kind to have been named and described by Mr.
Continuing past the Ashley Marina, the walkway will pass under the James Island Connector, through the City Marina, and will end at Lockwood Drive near the outfall for Roberta Long Lake.
In South Carolina, Tylisia Brooks, 44, who has lived on the barrier island of James Island near Charleston for six years, waited with her 8-year-old son and mother at a closed Walmart early Thursday for a school bus to take them to a hurricane shelter.
The South Carolina Nurses Foundation (SNCF) held it's annual Nurses Care Walk on November 8, 2014 in Columbia, SC at Earlewood Park and Charleston, SC at James Island County Park.
He specializes in residential properties in the Folly Beach, James Island, Mt.
The little 90-pound sika bucks originally from Japan were released in 1916 by a private landowner on James Island in Maryland.
The Courlanders settled on James Island, which they called St.
The famous James Island, recently renamed Kunta Kinteh Island, is a few miles across the river from Juffureh and was a staging point for captured slaves before their voyage to the New World.
Door Jamb Armor Installation: Jason Frotten, Arelia James Island
Another helicopter during the summer went down in waters near James Island, Wash.
Yet most of the islands were in sight of each other, charles being fifty miles from the nearest part of chatham and thirtythree from the nearest part of Albemarle, and so on, James Island only ten miles from the nearest part of Albemarle".