James Mason

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James Mason
James Neville Mason
BirthplaceHuddersfield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Mason, James,

1909–84, British stage and film actor. Mason, trained at Cambridge as an architect, became a leading man in British films in the 1940s and thereafter an international star. With a velvet smooth voice and introspective good looks, he played villains and romantic figures with equal skill. Among his best-known films are Odd Man Out (1946), Rommel, Desert Fox (1951), Julius Caesar (1953), A Star is Born (1954), Lolita (1962), Georgy Girl (1966), and The Seagull (1968).

Mason, James (Murray)

(1798–1871) U.S. senator, diplomat; born in Georgetown, D.C. (grandson of George Mason). As U.S. senator from Virginia (1847–61), he supported Southern rights and drafted the Fugitive Slave Act (1850). In 1861, en route to England on a mission to seek English diplomatic recognition for the Confederacy, he and John Slidell were taken by Union forces from the British ship Trent; held briefly in what threatened an international crisis, they were released and Mason spent the next four years in England. Although he had considerable success in purchasing naval and military supplies, he never gained diplomatic recognition. After the war, he lived in Canada until 1868 when he returned to Virginia.
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