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Sharp, James,

1613–79, Scottish prelate. As a Presbyterian minister, Sharp became (1650) a leader of the moderate wing of the Scottish church called the Resolutioners. He was captured (1651) by Oliver Cromwell's forces and imprisoned until 1652. Sent (1657) to London to represent the interests of the Resolutioners, Sharp became involved with George MonckMonck or Monk, George, 1st duke of Albemarle,
1608–70, English soldier and politician.
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 in his schemes for the restoration of the monarchy and secretly shifted his loyalties to the restoration of episcopacy in Scotland. After the Restoration of Charles II he was appointed (1661) archbishop of St. Andrews and primate of Scotland and thereupon embarked on a policy of severe repression of the principles of the CovenantersCovenanters
, in Scottish history, groups of Presbyterians bound by oath to sustain each other in the defense of their religion. The first formal Covenant was signed in 1557, signaling the beginning of the Protestant effort to seize power in Scotland.
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. He was murdered by a group of Covenanters on Magus Moor. In Scottish history Sharp is usually pictured as a hated figure.
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