James Stirling

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Stirling, James

Scots architect; influenced by Le Corbusier. Fell into the category of Brutalism in the Engineering Block building, University of Leicester, England (1959). His later work became increasingly eclectic and expressive and contained illusions to historical themes. Works include the engineering building, Leister University (1959), Olivetti Building Haslemere, Surrey (1972), and Braun Headquarters, Melsungen, Germany (1991).

Stirling, James


Born 1692; Died Dec. 5, 1770. Scottish mathematician. Fellow of the Royal Society of London (1729).

Stirling’s most important publication was Methodus differentialis (Differential Method), which appeared in 1730. In this work he provided the first asymptotic expansion of the logarithm of the gamma function and examined infinite products. The expansion is now known as Stirling’s series. Some of Stirling’s discoveries were also made by L. Euler in his more general investigations. What is known as Stirling’s formula can be easily obtained from Stirling’s series. The formula, however, does not appear in an explicit form in Stirling’s works.


Istoriia matematiki s drevneishikh vremen do nachala 19 stoletiia, vol. 3. Moscow, 1972.
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