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Wolfe, James,

1727–59, British soldier. After a distinguished record in European campaigns, he was made (1758) second in command to Jeffery Amherst in the last of the French and Indian WarsFrench and Indian Wars,
1689–1763, the name given by American historians to the North American colonial wars between Great Britain and France in the late 17th and the 18th cent.
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. Through his skillful siege operations, he became a hero of the capture of Louisburg (1758) from the French, and he was rewarded with the command of an expedition against the French at Quebec, which he himself had urged. After frontal attacks on the positions of General MontcalmMontcalm, Louis Joseph de
, 1712–59, French general. His name in fuller form was Louis Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon, marquis de Saint-Véran. A veteran of the War of the Polish Succession and the War of the Austrian Succession, he was sent (1756) to defend Canada in the
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 at Quebec had failed, Wolfe took 5,000 men in boats down the St. Lawrence by night and forced an open battle with the French on the Plains of AbrahamAbraham, Plains of,
fairly level field adjoining the upper part of the city of Quebec, Canada. There, in 1759, the English under Gen. James Wolfe defeated the French under Gen. Louis Montcalm.
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 (Sept. 13, 1759). The British were victorious, but both Wolfe and Montcalm were killed. The battle was decisive in the fall of New France to the British. Wolfe is vividly portrayed in Thackeray's Virginians.


See biographies by C. Hibbert (1959) and D. R. Robin (1960); F. Parkman, Montcalm and Wolfe (1884); R. Howard, Wolfe at Quebec (1965).

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Thanks to his role in the siege of Quebec, the historical General James Wolfe (1727-59) had by 1859 enjoyed a century near the head of the pantheon of British imperial heroes.
Across the ocean in England, Ben Franklin (Colm Meaney) is visiting Prime Minister William Pitt (a bemused Tim Roth), who entrusts gung-ho General James Wolfe (Jason Isaacs) with wresting Canada from the French.
(GAZ621) JAMES WOLFE, CEO of BALANCE BAR COMPANY (BBAR), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
The city of Quebec was under attack by a British force under the competent James Wolfe (1727-1759) and being defended by the equally competent Louis-Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon (1712-1759).
James Wolfe (December 30); took part in Wolfe's Quebec campaign (June 26-September 13, 1759), and was wounded while leading the grenadiers at the Plains of Abraham (now within Quebec city limits) (September 13); as acting brigadier general he took part in the siege of Belle Ile, off the coast of France (1761); distinguished himself at the siege of Havana (June 20-July 30, 1762), where he was wounded (July 22); lieutenant governor of Quebec (September 1766); then governor (1767-1770); after return to England he became colonel of 47th Foot (April 2, 1772) and major general (May 25); returned to Canada (late 1774), where he was greeted with popular acclaim; governor of Quebec (January 10, 1775), he was subordinate to Gen.
After five years of ebb and flow, the war turned in favor of the British following the Battle of Quebec, in which General James Wolfe led a British force of 9,000 against half as many French troops under the command of Louis Joseph, <IR> MARQUIS DE MONTCALM </IR> , in September 1759.
The hotel was originally a family home built by aristocratic army officer James Wolfe Murray in 1861.
How old was General James Wolfe when he was first commissioned?
table is as close as ever after the three Pacesetters Woolton Okell narrowly squeezed past Pex Hill 2-1 thanks to James Wolfe, who chipped in with a brace as Edi Ubido scored for Pex Hill with his fourth of the season.
Neither of the fallen generals, the Marquis of Montcalm and James Wolfe, had done more than plod through the three-month Siege of Quebec: Montcalm had quite failed to fortify the vital Point Levis, from which the invaders proceeded to blow the city to smithereens, while Wolfe's first assault at Montmorency was ill conceived, ill planned and ill led.