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Jameson Raid:

see Jameson, Sir Leander StarrJameson, Sir Leander Starr,
1853–1917, British colonial administrator and statesman in South Africa. He went to Kimberley (1878) as a physician, became associated with Cecil Rhodes in his colonizing ventures, and was appointed (1891) administrator of Mashonaland. On Dec.
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Butler, The Liberal Party and the Jameson Raid (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1968), p.
The notion that Cecil Rhodes, an exemplar of late-nineteenth century imperial arrogance and aggression, derived enthusiastic political support from Cape Afrikaners up until -- and even after -- the disastrous 1895-6 Jameson Raid, confounds that highly ethnicized vision of South African history which regards exclusivist Afrikaner nationalism as the inevitable consequence of a constantly meddling and often rapacious British imperialism.
Tamarkin does not play down the tensions that existed between Rhodes and the Bond in the period leading up to the Jameson Raid. On the contrary, he sees the recurrent cycle of crises which tested the relationship as testimony to its underlying soundness.
"But I do like the outfits I wear as Jameson, who actually rode out on his Jameson Raid wearing a polka dot tie.
Marsh tracks carefully and critically the various political controversies that have made Chamberlain's career a minefield of controversies for historians: notably, his responsibility for the 1886 split of the Liberal party; his role, if any, in the political ruin of Sir Charles Dilke and Charles Stewart Parnell, and his culpability for the Jameson Raid and the coming of the Boer War.
In southern Africa, the British were still feeling the bad results of the Jameson raid. William II of Germany, with characteristic bad judgment, gratuitously sent a telegram of congratulations to the Boer leader, Paul Kruger (1825-1904), on the capture of Jameson.
That was stymied by the Jameson Raid, a political blunder that forced the Afrikaners into intransigence and left the British to decide that unity would be achieved only by war.
JAMESON RAID Wednesday August 17, Robin 2, Bilston, 01902 401211 * THE Midlands metal godfathers return for a handful of selected shows during which they'll be playing all the fan favourites.
Jameson Raid rubbed shoulders with NWOBHM greats like Def Leppard in the late 70s but while the Sheffield outfit progressed to conquer America, the Brummie Raid faded into oblivion.
Chamberlain by now almost certainly knew of Rhodes' secret plan to use newly acquired Bechuanaland as the `jumping-off ground' for a private invasion of the gold-rich Boer republic of the Transvaal -- an invasion under Dr Jameson soon to become known as the Jameson Raid.
Zissman is happy to allow Chamberlain to exonerate himself from blame, especially from complicity in the notorious Jameson Raid.
Also on This Day -- 1800: Birth of CharlesGoodyear, inventor of vulcanised rubber; 1809: Birth of statesman William Gladstone, who served as prime minister four times; 1893: Birth of author and feminist Vera Mary Brittain; 1895: The Jameson Raid into the Transvaal took place; 1930: Radio Luxembourg began broadcasting; 1940: German bombers dropped 10,000 bombs on London, one of the worst nights during The Battle of Britain.