Jan Filip

Filip, Jan


Born Dec. 25, 1900, in Chocnějovice. Czechoslovakian archaeologist. Academician of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (1955).

In 1963, Filip became director of the Archaeological Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. His major works deal with the archaeology and early history of Central Europe and the Celts.


Kel’tskaia tsivilizatsiia i ee nasledie. Prague, 1961. (Translated from Czech.)
Filip, J., comp. Enzyklopädisches Handbuch zur Ur- und Frühgeschichte Europas, vols. 1–2. Prague, 1966–69. (Bibliography pp. 359–60.)
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While the figure of Jan Filip, teacher of several of the contributors to The prehistory of Bohemia, is ever present (Filip 1956), an interesting omission in general is reference to the work done under the Communist regime; an example would be Radomir Pleiner's essay on state formation in Gaul, a study where the influence of Engels is patently clear (Pleiner 1979).
Despite missing out on the eight-finals after Group C action where they beat Iceland and Algeria convincingly, the team led by coaching duo Daniel Kubes and Jan Filip, didn't give up in the consolation competition.
His counterpart, Czech coach Jan Filip conceded that Egypt were a better team.