Ján Kubelík

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Kubelík, Ján


Born July 5, 1880, in Michle, near Prague; died Dec. 5, 1940, in Prague. Czech violinist and composer.

In 1898, Kubelik graduated from the Prague Conservatory, where he studied violin with O. Ševčík. Later he studied composition with J. Foerster and K. Knittl. In the period from 1898 to 1938 he toured many countries (he first came to Russia in 1901 and to the USSR in 1927). His fame derived mainly from his skill as a virtuoso and performer of the works of Paganini. Kubelik was the author of a symphony and compositions for violin (including six concerti). Kubelik International Violin Competitions were conducted in Prague in 1947 and 1949.


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In 2014, we will also celebrate the centenary of the birth of the renowned Czech conductor and composer Rafael Kubelik, the son of the world-famous violinist Jan Kubelik.
I CAME across a signed photograph of Jan Kubelik in a Worcester antiques shop and thought that he looked a deadringer for the young version of John Francome.
Separated at birth - and by a mere 72 years: Jan Kubelik and John Francome are dead-ringers, says Les Taylor
1898 Despues del debut del violinista Jan Kubelik, que tuvo lugar en Viena, es llamado "El nuevo Paganini".
Jan Kubelik, a concert pianist, threatened to sue unless Kubelsky changed his name.
Rafael Kubelik was born on 29 June 1914 at the castle in Bychory near Kolin, Bohemia, the son of the famous violin virtuoso Jan Kubelik and the musically gifted Hungarian countess Marianne Csaky-Szell.
Owing to his support and extensive experience, Jan Kubelik spared his son a lot of potential pitfalls and unnecessary seeking: "No one taught me as much as my father did.
11) experienced a great career, while the violinist Jan Kubelik (the father of the renowned conductor Rafael) garnered global success.
All this in a difficult virtuoso packaging reflected in the fact that the first concerto was written at the prompting of Jan Kubelik and the second was premiered by Karel Hoffmann.
Perhaps just the dry fact that he was a fellow traveller in life with Jan Kubelik although a generation older, perhaps his unmistakable face with his mane of hair and attractive moustache, perhaps the story of how after seeing the remains of Paganini in 1893 he always carried a morbid talisman, a screw from Paganini'e coffin, in his violin case .
Naturally the people who came to us included esteemed figures like Frantisek Ondricek, Josef Suk, Jan Kubelik, Vasa Prihoda, and later David Oistrakh and a whole range of other important violinists.
His father, the violinist Jan Kubelik, was in his time as famous as Caruso or Destinnova.