Jan Remco Theodoor Campert

Campert, Jan Remco Theodoor


Born Aug. 15, 1902, in Spijkenisse; died Jan. 12, 1943, in Neuengamme, Germany. Dutch writer. Son of a physician.

Aparticipant in the resistance movement during the occupation of the Netherlands by Hitlerite Germany (1940–45), Campert was imprisoned in 1942 in a concentration camp, where he perished. Most popular are his patriotic poems “Home and Shelter” (1941), “Sonnets for Cynara” (1942), and, especially, his rebellious “Song of the Eighteen Doomed Prisoners” (1941). In the novel Life in Darkness (1935, new edition 1962), he portrays the déclassé of Amsterdam society.


Verzamelde gedickten, 1922–1943. The Hague, 1947.


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