Jan Zrzavý

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Zrzavý, Jan


Born Nov. 5, 1890, in Vadin; Czech painter and graphic artist.

Zrzavý studied at the Industrial Arts School in Prague in 1908–09. His work exhibits neoclassical and primitivist tendencies. He has created allegorical compositions consisting of fantastic desert landscapes permeated by a mood of melancholy and also local landscapes distinguished by well-balanced composition, simple drawing, and the lyrical softness of a pure color scheme. His illustrations of works of European and Czech writers-are notable for the refinement of their clear linear rhythm.


Plichta, D. Le Peintre Jan Zrzavý. Prague, 1958.
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When it was produced at the Olomouc theatre the young composer found himself working with artists of the stature of opera director Ferdinand Pujman, the composer Isa Krejci (in the role of conductor) and the painter Jan Zrzavy (stage designer).