Saudi Arabia National Heritage and Folk Culture Festival

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Saudi Arabia National Heritage and Folk Culture Festival (Janadriyah Festival)

Two weeks in February/March
Janadriyah, a town located outside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the site of an annual camel race every year that dates back to the early 1970s. The event attracted the country's traditionalists because it exemplified the older customs of Saudi Arabia, a country whose steps at modernization have been a source of national concern in recent decades.
Seeking to promote the traditional nature of this event and other customs, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Abdullah ibn Abd al-Aziz and the National Guard established the National Heritage and Folk Culture Festival in 1985. The camel race remains the central event of this annual two-week festival, popularly called the Janadriyah Festival, but other activities promoting time-honored expressions and practices round out the program. Classical forms of poetry, dance, theater, and music are all featured, as well as exhibitions of traditional crafts.
About 3,000 camels and their jockeys compete in the big race before a large crowd, which typically includes Saudi Arabia's reigning monarch. Nearby the site of the race stands a permanent "heritage" village, where artisans like carpenters, blacksmiths, metalsmiths, and cobblers demonstrate their crafts. The village usually features a beit sha'ar, a Bedouin tent that offers spectators a vivid picture of nomad life.
Each night ends with nightly readings of poetry, lectures on Arabic literature, and music and dance performances by troupes from throughout the Arabian Peninsula.
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Originally, the ardah was performed only by males of the Shammar tribe of the central Najd region before going to war, but nowadays it is performed at celebrations, weddings, and national and cultural events by all tribes, such as the Janadriyah festival.
The newspaper also cited the distinctive cultural dimensions of bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and Bahrian's effective participation in the yearly Janadriyah Festival attended by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
A Name On the Kingdom's Walls", the journalist Yahya Ghanim, Chief of Board of Directors of "Al-Musawar" magazine wrote that, "every visitor to Janadriyah Festival would be surprised for the first time that the event is no more than a global gathering of heritage and culture, but he soon discovers that also a space for opinion in the Kingdom has spread over an area of the Peninsula.
RIYADH: Germany will be the guest of honor at the 30th Janadriyah festival starting Feb.
With regard to the criticism made against the 28th Janadriyah Festival, the Prince said, "Today, I think all markets have mingling of men and women.
Referring to the progressively growing cooperation between the two countries in cultural field, Ohnmacht pointed out that "Germany will be the guest country at the high-profile Janadriyah festival, which will be inaugurated on Feb.
In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency following his visit to Janadriyah festival this evening, he lauded the follow-up and support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for the festival, an effort culminated in the spread of Janadriyah over the Saudi to the regional and international boundaries.
Prince Charles visited the Kingdom several times in the recent past which included his guest stint at the Janadriyah Festival in 2014.
Al-Janadriyah, outskirts of Riyadh, Jumada I 22, 1434, Apr 3, 2013, SPA -- Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Minister of State, Member of the Cabinet and Commander of the National Guard, who is also Chairman of the Higher Committee for the National Festival for Heritage and Culture, opened this evening the pavilion of the Peoples Republic of China at the 28th Janadriyah festival, in the capacity of China as the guest of honor of the festival.
We are looking forward to our upcoming cooperation in issuing this year's National Day Supplement as well as the coverage of our role as guest of honor at the next Janadriyah Festival.
Omaima organized a fashion show after participating in the Janadriyah festival and then another one next to the Eiffel Tower in the French capital.
Prince Charles was also a guest participant at the Janadriyah festival last year.